What gauge of metal do you use?
We use 14 gauge steel to create all of our metal art. This gauge is 5/64” thick, which we believe provides the proper combination of stiffness and weight for all of our metal art pieces.

What are your finish selections?
We offer two finish choices; Unpainted(Raw Metal) or Powder-Coated (Black Satin).

1) Unpainted (Raw Metal)
We offer metal pieces in an unfinished state with no sealer/finish for those of you that would like to paint or finish the piece yourself or let Mother Nature have her way and let it rust naturally. If you go the unpainted route and want to finish the piece yourself, please note that you will have to do some surface preparation prior to painting in order to remove the dust and other particles from the piece.

2) Powder-Coated (Black Satin)
We offer a black satin powder-coated finish option on all of our metal art pieces. For those of you not familiar with power-coating, it offers one of the longest-lasting and most color-durable finish available on metal. Powder-coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing than other finishes. Powder-coating is much more resistant to the elements than wet-painting and is highly recommended for pieces you plan on displaying outside, as it helps to keep the item from rusting. Powder-coating is also highly protective of our environment. While liquid finishes contain solvents which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOC's), powder coating contains no solvents and release negligible amounts, if any, VOC's into the atmosphere.

What are your shipping policies?
# Unpainted Metal Art is typically shipped via UPS within 5+/- business days of order.
## Powder-Coated Metal Art is typically shipped via UPS within 10+/- business days of order.

*We will notify you via email with a UPS tracking number when your artwork leaves our shop. All metal art pieces are quality-inspected and securely and carefully packaged in our shop with clear handling and shipping instructions to the shipper printed on the box. However, we cannot control the handling of the package once it leaves our shop. Because of the nature and size of the pieces, it is important that you inspect the condition of the shipping box upon arrival and if damaged, open the package and inspect your artwork for damage prior to the delivery driver leaving. If the artwork is damaged, you should refuse the shipment and have the piece returned to us. Please also email us immediately at orders@lazyrivermetal.com to report the damage.

Do you sell wholesale?
Yes we do. If you are a retailer and interested in offering our metal artwork pieces in your store, please go to the Contact Us page on this website. Please email us with your name, the name of your store, and your phone number and one of our sales representatives will be in contact with you.

Will you make custom pieces?
We know that many of our customers are also very passionate about their families and their businesses. We can work with you and develop a personalized one-of-a-kind piece for your home or business. Email us with your sketch or design attached and let us know the approximate size you are thinking for the artwork and we’ll put our talented designers to work and provide you with a quote for the work.